We prepared a cozy breakfast room for you to make you feel at home and enjoy the beauties that nature provides us.
We also furnished it with warm colors and olive tree accessories designed by D’olivier Home Accessories.


The unique tastes of the Mediterranean Cuisine are together among the greens… With its rich menu, Pronto offers a peaceful atmosphere with its fast and gentle service and completes its ambiance with its heated terraces with two fireplaces just to make you feel more comfortable
For a lunch, dinner or for your afternoon meetings, Pronto Café & Bistro would be the best choice you have ever been made!


We don’t want you to be deprived of real meat experience when you come to Bursa. Kaburga Steakhouse is where you can spend your time with your collegues, family and friends by trying the mostly traditional flavors such as our daily appetizers, mezzes and kebabs. Also you can enjoy the real experience of meat. With a capacity of 200 people including two heated terraces and a debonair waiters, it adds tastes to your trip which makes you feel want to stay one more night!