People who often travel knows city hotels are not that much fun. As 7 Rooms, to make you experience a pleasant journey, firstly, we started by choosing a good location. We took our place just near to Bursa Balat Forest. At the same time it takes only 15 minutes to Mudanya, 50 minutes to Uludağ.

As it can be clearly understand from our name, there are just seven rooms in 7 Rooms, which were designed to meet you with art and design, blended with technological details that will make your accommodation easier. From the laptop sized safeboxes to fast fiber Internet connection.

It wouldn’t be cool if we didn’t provide the comfort outside which we offered inside. Pronto Cafe & Bistro and Kaburga Steakhouse, located in the same area with our hotel, also allow you to have a pleasant time.

In 7 Rooms located just 50 meters from the Balat Forest, which is also a walking and jogging track, you can enjoy the nature and breathe a sigh of relief from busy schedule with our free bicycle service.

After your walk, you can either relax in the steam and massage rooms or discover delicious delicacies in the breakfast room located in the winter garden, or both.

Which privilege whether you choose, here we are to ensure that you get a sigh of relief from the intense pace of life!


Balat, Bey Street No.21 Bamboo Park Nilüfer / BURSA, Turkey

T: +90(224) 244 76 01

F: +90(224) 244 99 48